1. What is Journify?

Journify is a travel and lifestyle platform that has various functions for its visitors:

  • DISCOVER – It allows our customers to find information and reviews of the places that they are interested in such as restaurants, entertainment outlets, attractions, shopping malls and more. Some of these places will soon begin offering exclusive deals and coupons that you can use there.

  • PLAN – This is where people can create an itinerary for their future travels. Integrated with the DISCOVER function, you can add whatever place you like to a travel plan and estimate how long your journey will be.

  • SHOP – This is a marketplace where people can buy travel and lifestyle products and services. Customers can earn Enrich Points when they buy on Journify Shop, and these Enrich Points can be used to redeem various travel and lifestyle rewards via the Enrich platform and even on Journify.

2. How do I access Journify?

Journify is available at and via our app which you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

3. Do I need to sign up to Journify to enjoy these features?

You can freely browse our content. However, to make a purchase and earn Enrich Points, you will need to sign up for an account. If you are an existing Enrich member, you can sign in with your Enrich login details directly.

4. Is Journify a new product by Malaysia Airlines?

Journify is a new Travel Lifestyle business under Malaysia Aviation Group. Launched in July 2021, we have now upgraded our website and app to give you a more seamless travel and lifestyle experience. More features and functions will be added over the coming months, so stay tuned for more news!

5. I have seen the Journify website. Is this all?

This is just the beginning. You can look forward to more features and functions as we continuously improve and build upon our platform to make your travel and lifestyle a seamless experience. If you have suggestions on how we can do better, let us know via our Contact Us form.


1. What is Discover?

DISCOVER is a feature available on both our website and app that customers can use to find information and reviews of the places that they are interested in such as restaurants, attractions, shopping malls, childcare services, mechanics and more.

2. What is Plan?

PLAN allows customers to create an itinerary for their future travels. This is only available on the app version and is integrated with the DISCOVER function, so you can add whatever place you like to your itinerary, view it in a map and estimate how long your journey will be.

3. Why can’t I plan a trip via the website?

This feature is only available via our mobile app because it requires you to turn on your location for the best experience. Please download the Journify mobile app and click on PLAN to create a travel plan.

4. Can Journify recommend an itinerary for me?

Yes, we are looking to add that feature very soon and you can look forward to recommended itineraries including articles on the best places to eat, visit and more to plan your next trip.


1. How do I shop on Journify?

You can go directly to to browse and purchase any items we have in store.

2. What can I buy on Journify?

We have a whole range of products and services that includes hotel vouchers, holiday packages, experiences, airline exclusives and even locally made goods such as batik, healthy snacks, and durian products! More brands will be added on a regular basis, so you can look forward to getting all your travel and lifestyle needs on one platform.

3. How do I make a purchase on Journify?

Shopping on Journify is simple. After browsing and deciding on what to buy, you can proceed to purchase in the following 2 ways:

1) Buy and checkout immediately
On the product page, select ‘BUY NOW’ and proceed to checkout after confirming your shipping details.

2) Add to cart and checkout with other items
On the product page, select ‘ADD TO CART’ if you’re still browsing for other things. You can click on your cart and checkout for all items together once you’re done.

4. Can I purchase items on Journify via the Call Centre or walk in to Malaysia Airlines' ticketing offices?

No, Journify is an online platform, and all purchases must be made at

5. Why should I purchase on Journify?

Every Ringgit you spend on Journify allows you to earn Enrich Points. These Enrich Points can then be used to redeem for travel and lifestyle products and services on Journify, or even for flights, hotel stays, F&B vouchers and more via the Enrich platform.

6. What payment options are available on Journify?

We accept payments via online banking, Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards, and selected e-Wallets.

7. Are there any additional charges?

Signing up as an Enrich member on Journify is completely free. However, there could be additional charges for delivery, warranty or anything extra depending on the terms and conditions set by our merchants for the product or service you purchase.

8. Where can I view the Product T&C (Terms & Conditions) before making a purchase?

The merchants will provide the terms and conditions on their product pages. Please read and understand them before you make a purchase.

9. Can I make a purchase on Journify for my family and friends?

Yes, of course. All good things must be shared, and you are more than welcomed to purchase and send them to your family and friends.

MHflypass cannot be purchased for family and friends as it is linked to an individual Enrich member's login credentials, which is for ONE adult traveller only. Please read the FAQs on each MHflypass product thoroughly before you purchase.

10. Is Journify available to customers outside of Malaysia?

Yes, you can purchase the items on Journify from outside of Malaysia. However, delivery is only available within Malaysia at the moment. The terms of delivery are subject to our merchant’s terms and conditions.

11. Can I make a purchase on Journify using other currencies?

All transactions must be in Malaysian Ringgit except for MHflypass Malaysia and ASEAN where customers from other countries within Southeast Asia can make a purchase with their own currency too.

12. Can I purchase multiple items in a single transaction on Journify?

Yes. You can purchase as many products/services as you want at one time via the Journify website or mobile app.

1. How can I check my shipping fee?

Shipping is calculated at Checkout once your shipping address is inserted. You’ll find it in your Order Summary on the right side of the Checkout page.

2. How is shipping fee calculated?

Shipping fees are generally calculated based on the weight and dimension of your package, as well as the distance of your shipping address and rates of different logistic partners. This is auto calculated and is visible on the Checkout page prior to payment.

3. Will products from different merchants in the same order be delivered by the same shipping method?

No, when you purchase from different merchants, your product(s) will be delivered based on the shipping options provided by each merchant, even if they are all part of the same order. The shipping fee will be charged by each merchant.

4. How do I edit my shipping address?

There are two ways to do this:

1) via the Checkout page
Before you proceed to pay, click on the Change Address link next to your Shipping Address.

2) via your Profile page
Click on your Profile and go to My Shipping Address to add, remove or edit your address.

5. Can I change the shipping address for my order?

No, you can only change your address before you place your order. Once payment is completed, no changes can be made.

6. How do I track my order?

You can view the status of your orders in your account. Just log in and go to My Orders under Profile to keep track. Once your package is in ‘To Receive’, you can click on the Tracking Number and find more information about where your package is located.

7. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally, our Journify Preferred Logistics Partner (JPLP) can deliver parcels to buyers on an average of 1-3 working days for West Malaysia and between 3-7 working days for East Malaysia (if applicable) once the parcels have been picked up.

8. Who are your delivery partners?

Currently, we have DHL e-commerce as our Journify Preferred Logistics Partner (JPLP). More partners will be brought onboard in the coming months, but our merchants also have the option to use a delivery partner of their choice too. The delivery terms and conditions may vary depending on the logistics partner the merchant uses.

1. Can I get an exchange/refund for my purchase?

Yes, you may request for an exchange/refund if your item is not delivered, defective, different from what you ordered or for other reasons as specified in the terms and conditions. However, all requests must be made within 7 days of the receipt of your item(s) or of the expected delivery date for undelivered item(s). The button to request the exchange/refund will not be available after 7 days.

All requests must be accompanied with proof of your claim and will be reviewed by the merchant before it is approved and resolved.

2. How do I request for an exchange/refund?

Once you’ve received your item(s), you will see the button to request for an exchange/refund under the ‘Completed’ tab of My Orders in your Profile. Please ensure you submit your request within 7 days of the receipt of your package.

Clicking on this button will lead you to a form where you can choose the type of request (Refund, Exchange/Replace or Return), select the reasons for it and attach your supporting documents or images. Once the merchant receives your request, they will review and initiate a conversation with you to come to an agreement depending on your request type.

3. Can I change my mind about my purchase and ask for an exchange/refund?

Sorry, we will only accept a request for exchange/refund for reasons that are listed in the form or as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the product or service. This does not include a change of mind.

4. How do I return an item for an exchange/refund?

Once you’ve submitted your request, the merchant will review it and send you a shipping label via the comments section. Print it and attach it to the product you want to return. Our courier partner will pick it up from you within 24 hours. Please click the button to confirm the product return once it’s been picked up.

The merchant will proceed to prepare and ship out your replacement product or process your refunds once they have received the original product.

5. Will the shipping cost to return my parcel be covered by Journify?

Your return shipping cost is based on the agreement between you and the merchant. In some instances, the merchant may require you to drop off the item at a collection point. Do check with the merchant for the product you wish to return.

6. Can I request for an exchange/refund for vouchers I bought on Journify?

No, purchases in any form of vouchers are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please ensure you check the details and terms and conditions of your vouchers before you make a purchase.

7. How soon will I receive my refund?

Once your request for a refund has been approved, please allow 7-14 working days for the amount to be credited into your account.

8. I’m not satisfied with the merchant’s decision on my request. What can I do?

If you require further assistance, you can click on the ‘Escalate’ button and provide additional comments or images to support your request. This will be sent to Journify admin to review further.

1. What is Enrich?

Enrich is the loyalty programme of Malaysia Airlines where you can earn Enrich Points when you fly and redeem rewards with your points for an extensive range of experiences. Now, we’re extending this world of privileges to Journify too, which means you can earn and redeem Enrich Points every time you shop on Journify. Signing up for an account on Journify automatically makes you an Enrich member too.

2. Do I need to be an Enrich member to purchase on Journify?

No, you can shop and checkout as a guest on Journify easily. However, to earn Enrich Points, you will need to sign up for an Enrich account. This allows you to keep track of your orders and earn Enrich Points for every purchase too.

3. How many Enrich Points can I earn?

RM4 = 1 Enrich Point. This applies to all transactions on Journify unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of specific products and services. The more you spend, the more Enrich Points you’ll have to redeem for rewards and privileges on Journify or even via the Enrich platform.

4. I recently made a purchase. How come I don’t see my earned Enrich Points?

Enrich Points earned for every transaction will be reflected in your account within 14 days.

5. Do the Enrich Points expire?

Yes, the Enrich Points have a validity period of three years from the date it is earned.

6. If the product I purchased is damaged and the seller replaces me with the same but new item, will I still earn Enrich points?

Yes, you will still be eligible for Enrich Points for the original item purchased.

7. If I am asking for a refund from the seller, will I lose my Enrich Points earned for this purchase?

Yes, if the product is refunded by the seller, you will not be eligible to earn the Enrich Points. Your points will be removed from your account and any redeemed points will be forfeited.

8. I purchased something on Journify but I now want to request for a refund. However, I have redeemed the Enrich Points awarded to me. Am I still eligible for a refund?

Refunds will only be allowed where there is a system error. If the merchant agrees to a refund, the refund value will depend on the Enrich Points you have redeemed. The Enrich Points used will be converted to its cash equivalent and the refund value will be deducted accordingly.

9. If the seller agrees to refund the product that I purchased with credit card, will I lose my Enrich Points earned for this purchase?

Yes, if the product is refunded by the seller, you will not be eligible for the Enrich Points and the points will be removed from your account.

10. Can I use Enrich Points to redeem products/services on Journify?

Yes! You can now redeem products/services on Journify with your Enrich Points. You can also redeem for flights, hotel stays, food, and dining vouchers and more via the Enrich platform. Learn more at

1. What is Journify2U?

Journify2U (J2U) is a flagship experience where you can shop on Journify and have your items delivered to you at the boarding or arrival gate of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). We also offer various airport services such as Meet & Guide and Airport Fast Track Services for your convenience at KLIA.

2. How do I order something from Journify2U?

You can browse and make your purchase under the Journify2U category at or via the Journify app. Kindly place your orders at least ONE day before your flight (before 11.59pm, Malaysian time). If the order is placed after the cut-off time, the service may not be available for you.

3. How long before departure must I make my order?

Kindly place your orders at least ONE day before your flight (before 11.59pm, Malaysian time). If the order is placed after the cut-off time, the service may not be available for you.

4. What can I order on Journify2U?

Currently, Journify2U has options for food and beverages, and also various airport services such Meet & Guide and Airport Fast Track services at KLIA. Please visit and browse the Journify2U category for more details. Kindly place your orders at least ONE day before your flight (before 11.59pm, Malaysian time). If the order is placed after the cut off time, the service may not be available for you. Orders are available for all flights departing and arriving at KLIA including non-MH flights.

5. If I cancel my order, will I receive a refund?

No, at this moment, no refunds will be allowed unless we are unable to fulfil your order due to a flight disruption.

6. If I am asking for a refund in the event of a flight disruption, will my Enrich Points be forfeited?


7. What happens to my order if my flight is cancelled/rescheduled?

If your flight is cancelled or rescheduled, please inform us about your new flight time and date immediately via our Contact Us form.

8. How will I get the items I purchased via Journify2U?

The Journify2U team will deliver your item(s) to the boarding gate 50 mins before your departure time. Please ensure you arrive at the boarding gate at least 60 mins prior to your departure time.

At boarding gate:

  • Our staff will make an announcement on the Journify2U order delivery.
  • Show your boarding pass to the Journify2U staff for verification.
  • Collect your item.

NOTE: For international departures, due to LAG restrictions, drinks are not permitted at the gate or on board. Please arrive early and consume your order before you enter.

The Journify2U team will be waiting for you as you step out of the plane upon arrival. Look out for someone in a bright orange or purple sweatshirt!

9. Is there a pick-up option available for the customers?

For now, items will be delivered to you at the boarding or arrival gate. You will be able to pick up your items at a later stage and we will inform on these selected pick-up locations then.

10. Can I bring my purchased item on board the aircraft?

For Domestic flights, you can bring in your orders on board with you.

However, for International flights, liquid or wet goods (for example, drinks) will not be permitted as we must adhere to the Carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) restriction that has been put in place by the airport authorities. However, kindly check with your respective airlines on their policies.

11. Can I purchase via Journify2U if I am travelling on other airlines?

Yes, you can travel on other airlines and still enjoy our Journify2U experience.

12. Can I edit the delivery time to boarding gate?

No, customers are not allowed to edit/choose their time. We will deliver your item to your boarding gate 50 mins before your departure time.

13. What if my order was not delivered and I must board my flight?

Kindly inform our staff at the gate and we will investigate the delivery status for you.


1. Where can I channel my enquiries/feedback?

If you have any enquiries, feedback or suggestions, you can reach out to us via our Contact Us form.


What is Journify Fly & Stay?

Journify Fly & Stay allows travelers to book their flight and hotel in one package with more savings and more convenience. Operating in partnership with Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, we offer a comprehensive selection of over 700,000 hotels worldwide.

Which airline and destinations does Journify Fly & Stay offer?

Currently, Journify Fly & Stay offers packages to all destinations operated by Firefly. We will be expanding to include destinations within the Malaysia Airlines network soon too.

Where can I purchase Journify Fly & Stay packages?

You can purchase your flight and hotel packages or book hotels only at

What is the hotel range available on Journify Fly & Stay?

We have a wide selection of hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars, with over 700,000 choices to explore worldwide.

What are the benefits of purchasing holiday packages with Journify?

Every package includes benefits such as up to 30 kg baggage allowance, onboard meals, free seat selection, and the opportunity to earn Enrich Points as an Enrich member for both flight and hotel.

Do I need to be an Enrich member to purchase holiday packages?

No, you can purchase and checkout as a guest. However, signing up for an account on Journify enables you to monitor your booking and earn Enrich Points that you can use to redeem for flights or other products on Journify.

Where can I find more information about Journify Fly & Stay?

Please feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section at